GoPro Action Camera LUT Pack


Main features

  • 11 GoPro optimized looks included
  • Works with any action camera footage
  • Can be used in various video editing software’s
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Instant color grades to your action videos

This GoPro LUT pack includes 11 presets for rich, dramatic and authentic colors.
All the looks are designed for Protune Flat color profile but can be used on GoPro colors as well.

Apply these LUTs for awesome grade that needs no further adjustments.


  • includes 11 LUTs for GoPro & action camera footage 
  • achieves awesome colors from your action camera 
  • maintains maximum dynamic range for more highlight & shadow details
  • can be applied in seconds
  • no additional grading needed
  • designed for Flat color profile

Try out the looks yourself!

Snow Rider

Before After snow rider gopro lut no gradesnow rider gopro lut grade

Motocross Trackday

Before After motocross trackday gorpo lut pack grade

The Hollywood Killer

Before After The hollywood killer gopro lut pack aleksi rinne grade

Epic Enduro

Before After Epic Enduro gopro lut pack aleksi rinne grade

Dramatic Film

Before After dramatic film gopro lut pack aleksi rinne no gradedramatic film gopro lut pack aleksi rinne no grade

The Hollywood Killer

Before After enduro warzone gopro lut aleksi rinne grade

How to use LUTs?

How to use these LUTs?

Simply, you can think a LUT, look up table, is like a filter created for your video footage.

You apply a LUT to one of your clips and the data  inside that LUT file immediately color corrects your footage to look a certain way.

After a successful payment you will receive an email which includes download link to the LUT Pack file.

Download the file (.zip) to your computer and unzip it using a suitable software. Windows 10 has this built in the Explorer.

After you’ve unzipped the archive, place the LUTs to a folder you want and remember.

Keep the order confirmation email in a good place as this is the only way for you to access the file in case you loose it from your computer.

  1. Click on the clip you want to work with.
  2. In the Lumetri panel, open the Basic Correction tab.
  3. Under Basic Correction, select the Input LUT dropdown menu, and click on Browse…
  4. Go to the folder you exported the .zip file and select the LUT of your choice.

  1. Open your project in DaVinci Resolve.
  2. At the bottom right of the program you’ll see the Settings icon. Click on it.
  3. Under Color Management, select Open LUT Folder.
  4. You can now open a Finder window containing your LUT. Drag and drop the correct file into the open DaVinci Resolve folder.
  5. Close the folders and refresh your options by clicking Update Lists.
  6. Select your LUT from the 3D Input Lookup Table dropdown menu and click Save


  1. Select your footage in the Final Cut Pro timeline.
  2. Open the Effects browser, select the Color category on the left, then select Custom LUT.
  3. Click the Video icon (it looks like a short film strip).
  4. In the Custom LUT tab of the Video inspector, click LUT > Choose Custom LUT.
  5. Find and select the desired LUT and click Open.

You can now select the input and output color spaces and use the Mix slider to adjust the intensity. Final Cut Pro will apply your LUT.


You can now use these LUT’s on your iPhone.

Just download this app called Video LUT Editor.

Here are video instructions how to import&apply these LUTs to your video footage:

You can try to install a LUT with this free sample.
This Epic Enduro LUT was first introduced in my original “GoPro LUT Pack” in 2017.

Payment methods

This webshop offers secure payments through PayPal and Stripe.
You can use your PayPal account or any credit card to pay your orders.

After a succesful payment, you will receive an email with a download link.

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