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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are being saved on your pc or mobile device when you visit a site. Cookies save information about the ways you use your device, like your user name, your chosen language, font size and different screen settings. In this way you don’t have to provide the information every time you visit a site.

Cookies of this site

In addition to normal functional cookies, we are using the following services:

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You can read more about the usage of these services in the following links:

Facebook cookie policy

How Google uses your information on its own and partner’s sites

How Google protects your information

How to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data (with an add-on)

Hotjar data safety, privacy and security article

These cookies are not necessary for the usage of this site, but they help with the browsing and usage of this site. You can delete or disable cookies in which case some of the functions of the site might not be available or work correctly for you.

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Managing cookies

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