Who is this guy?

Aleksi Rinne


25 year old. Passionate about enduro, film-making, tech and business.

The story of my YouTube channel


Birth of my YouTube Channel

Year was 2006 and I was a little over 13 years old.
I was going through the internet and found this relatively new site called ‘YouTube’.
It was a interesting site full of homemade videos by other “normal people”.

The reason I decided to create my channel was because me and one friend of mine were making these DV cassette films with his father’s camcorder.
And of course we needed a platform where to release these highly edited masterpieces. Good old Windows Movie Maker times.

Back then I had a nickname “lefa” and I was playing ice hockey with number 25 in my jersey. So that’s why my channel was named “lefa25”.


Three Years Later

From the beginning I was uploading all kinds of car and moped video to my channel. Three years after the first video I created my first bigger “internet hit”. It was a video about my first encounter with the Finnish police.

They took away my license plate because my moped was going a bit too fast. I still remember the day and the heatenings I had back then. Luckily I had a friend capturing this video with his super inteligent Nokia N95 (I think).

That video wasn’t a hit right away when I published but it was going impact my decision with YouTube a couple of years later.


Big change

Right after graduating in July 2012 I was ordered to attend military service. It’s a mandatory thing for all male residents in Finland.

My service lasted a full year and my branch was recon. And not a normal recon but a motorcycle recon. That was my first proper touch to the amazing sport called enduro.

Back home I had ridden some 125cc offroad bikes but they were nothing compared to the powerfull KTM 640 LC4s that we had to ride. Our enduro training lasted for 4 weeks and it was the best time of my service.
And we got to ride these amazing places! (picture)

On the later half of my service we made this “maintenance ride” with the rest of my squad. 5 bikes, one GoPro Hero 2 and a lot of untouched snow.
We had so much fun even though I crashed pretty hard and broke my finger.

That is the first real enduro video on my YouTube and you can still find it there.



After getting “free” from military I got somehow more and more into videos. Back then I had this Kawasaki Z750 streetbike and my mom had bought me a new GoPro as a birthday present. It had been a huge dream for me to someday film with the Hero 3+ Silver. And from that day on I filmed hours and hours of (pretty boring) riding footage. My video editing skills were still pretty limited and I used mostly Sony Vegas 11.

From July 2013 I was working as a janitor for a couple of stores in Turku. Really early mornings meant “more” freetime in the afternoon.
Going to work at 4am wasn’t nice at all but I got some extra money from it.

I had dreamt of a real offroad bike since leaving the military service so as soon as I had enough money together I started search for a cheap KTM 450 EXC.
Soon I was buying this extremely cheap year 2007 450EXC.
It was a dream to finally have a proper enduro machine in the garage.
There was a pretty big leap from road riding to offroad, and with a 450EXC.

It was a terrible choice for me and I wish I had known more about good beginner bikes…But I got some serious hours with it and even did my first ever race with it. In a race with 210 rider I finished somewhere 180th. It was enough to get me into serious practice.


Peacekeeping mission abroad to get a new bike

From the end of 2013 to middle of 2014 I was on a 6 month UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.
When I got home from there I had gathered some money to buy my first brand new bike.

I called different retailer stores to get quotes of the bikes and Motokeidas was the one who made the best offer for a 2016 250EXC Six Days.


Year of changes

My 2016 250 EXC was already at over 186 hours and I had to get rid of it. I contacted again to Motokeidas and they gave me this super cool offer for a new 2017 Six Days 250 EXC.

Later this year I made a channel update with my own name and also changed the content a bit. This change was kind of working but not that well and I was super slow publishing new videos.